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My paper for Collective Intentionality VII

Some believe that there is a certain kind of direct normative constraint which occurs in collective action; Roth aptly names it ‘Practical intersubjectivity’. In this paper I will firstly set out the contradiction between the existence of practical intersubjectivty and the notion of individual agents as essentially autonomous. I will suggest that we can understand the force of collective intentions over individuals by virtue of the part their having such a force plays in allowing the collective to be a coherent agent. In doing so I will be attempting to apply Bratman’s argument, about the force of intentions for individuals, to collectives. Continue reading

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thoughts on identity

Let me make a bold claim: Part of what seems to bind us to collectives is our identity. Identifying ourselves in certain ways can mean that we see ourselves not with a choice about whether to be part of a … Continue reading

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Social Philosophy and Sociology

My sister, Naomi, is studying youth work and is writing an essay on group work. Part of this involves asking questions about what a group is. Given my Philosophical interest in this question I asked her to send me her … Continue reading

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Workshops in Political Theory 2010

The following conference looks interesting, particularly the workshop “COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY AND GLOBAL JUSTICE” being convened by Avia Pasternak of University College London. According to the Public Reason blog, where I came across the notice for the workshop, “Discussions [are to] … Continue reading

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thoughts on football

While I enjoy playing football I have to admit that watching it just isn’t my thing, I’d rather watch paint dry (I am typing this while my partner watches the first England game). Still its hard not to be swept … Continue reading

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