Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko:

I have recently completed a PhD at the University of Sheffield J.Kisolo-Ssonkoand I am currently working as a teaching assistant at the University of Manchester.

My primary area of interest is social philosophy; specifically collective action (I edit the associated category on PhilPapers), collective intentionality, the normative implications of group membership and wider issues of collective agency.

I am also interested in collective epistemology, especially concerning the nature of group belief. My broader interests include: Action Theory, Epistemology, Political Philosophy, Feminism, Marxism and Ethics.


CV: Academic CV 2014


How Where I Stand Constrains Where We Stand‘,

(2014), Institutions, Emotions, and Group Agents, Contributions to Social Ontology, Philosophical Studies Series, Vol. 121, Konzelmann Ziv, Anita; Schmid, Hans Bernhard (Eds.), Springer, Dordrecht springer.com/philosophy/epistemology+and+philosophy+of+science/book/978-94-007-6933-5

Love, Plural Subjects & Normative Constraint‘,

(2012) , Phenomenology and Mind: The Online Journal of the Research Centre in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person, IUSSpress phenomenologyandmind.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/04_Joseph-Kisolo-Ssonko.pdf


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