On editing ‘collective action’ sub catagory

Noting the following on the philpapers ‘Collective Action’ category page


This category needs an editor. We encourage you to help if you are qualified. Volunteer, or read more about what this involves.

I clicked and was accepted.

As philpapers is a nonprofit, volunteer project and editors are not remunerated however, on top of the warm feeling (as noted on their editors guide) of “of helping hundreds of thousands of people find their way around the field” the main benefit seems to be that trawling and sorting through the associated articles is a great way to

a) have something more productive than facebook/twitter to distract oneself with


b) its great for stumbling across material that I have missed in my subject area.


About Joseph Kisolo

Philosopher teaching Ethics & Epistemology @ NottsUni and interested in in Social Ontology. Outside academia interested in climbing, design, geekery and radical social justice.
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