CIVIII programme (Tues) – enhanced


This is the programme for the first day of the 8th conference on Collective Intentionality – I’ve taken the info’ from the official programme & enhanced it with links to the academic homepages of the participants (click on their name) & links to paper’s & other on-line content that may be relevant to the talk they are giving. Many of the papers are free to access (such as those hosted on the academics own websites) but some are in journals that require subscription (I’ve tried to link to free versions where they exist).

Putting this together is a helpful research aid for me & I hope others will find it useful. If you know of any relevant good on-line resources please comment below with them and I will add. I’ll try to get the rest of the days done soon.

Tuesday 28th Aug:

13:00 – Registration and Lunch (G16)

14:00 – Keynote lecture (Cosmo) [open for free to non-conference attendees – register @]:

Cooperation and Human Cognition

Michael Tomasello (Universität Leipzig) – alt home pageWikipedia entry

15:30 – Coffee (G16)

16:00 – Symposium (Casken):

The cognitive psychology of joint action

Stephen Butterfill (Warwick)

Guenther Knoblich (CEU)

Elisabeth Pacherie (Jean Nicod)

18:00 – Wine reception and Springer book series launch (G16)

Room Codes:

  • G16 = Room G16, Ground Floor, Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama.
  • Cosmo = Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Ground Floor, Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama.
  • Casken = John Casken Lecture Theatre, Second Floor, Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama.

For conference info on twitter

& for my own take on the conference, my personal twitter account

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About Joseph Kisolo

Philosopher teaching Ethics & Epistemology @ NottsUni and interested in in Social Ontology. Outside academia interested in climbing, design, geekery and radical social justice.
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