Workshops in Political Theory 2010

The following conference looks interesting, particularly the workshop “COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY AND GLOBAL JUSTICE” being convened by Avia Pasternak of University College London. According to the Public Reason blog, where I came across the notice for the workshop, “Discussions [are to] cover a range of issues: What is the nature of corporate agency? Can groups be held morally responsible for their actions? Could they be punished and, if so, what are the implications for the individual group members?”

However, given that a) I’ve missed the date to enter a paper and b) the other workshops, while looking very interesting, are not directly relevant to my research – I don’t think I can justify the rather steep £180 squid conference fee to attend.

Workshops in Political Theory 2010

Seventh Annual Conference September 1st – 3rd 2010

Following another  successful sixth annual  Workshops held in Manchester, September 2009, at which  a hundred and fifty papers were given by participants from over twenty countries, we are pleased to announce the details of  this year’s conference.  These workshops reflect the wide diversity of interests and idioms within the discipline and give delegates plenty of time to discuss their papers in a relaxed setting as well as to attend other panels. There will be a conference web-sit e ( where papers and conference details will be posted.

(Note: I found this conference through the Public reason blog:


About Joseph Kisolo

Philosopher teaching Ethics & Epistemology @ NottsUni and interested in in Social Ontology. Outside academia interested in climbing, design, geekery and radical social justice.
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